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How to Combat HIV

HIV (which stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus) was discovered in the late 1970's. Some of the people that acquired the HIV virus were coming down with AIDS(Acute Immuno - Deficiency Syndrome).  These patients started dying from very common diseases.  The HIV virus was found by assaying for the enzyme reverse transcriptase.  When activated reverse transcriptase [...]

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In the 1980's, William Coley, a surgeon at New York Memorial ( now known as Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center) observed that some patients infected during surgery could reject their tumors.  He noted that killed Strep. pyogenes and Serratia Marcescens (which he named Coley's Toxin) could lead to similar rejection of tumor cells.  He famously [...]

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Colonization of Mars

Ever since the Apollo project at NASA had been completed, scientists and engineers have been seeking support for a Mars program which would first provide manned space travel to Mars from Earth; and subsequently even provide living quarters on the planet Mars.  It has been projected that these living quarters be constructed similar to domes [...]

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